Hope 2 Others International is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing clean water to those in need throughout the world. Our primary work is centered on offering individual families or groups of families the ability to own their own well, which creates not only dignity but long term sustainability and self-sufficiency.  We are dedicated to employing and empowering locals to bring this goal to fruition.

By manually drilling our wells and designing our pumps from locally available parts, we provide a family a source of clean, safe water on their own compound for less than $200.  The family pays a small fee, according to their ability, to support our drillers and helps in the drilling process. Once drilling is complete, H2O donates the materials to case the borehole and create a hand pump.  This pump provides readily accessible water for drinking, cleaning and irrigation of a garden to provide a year round food source.

100% of our financial support goes directly toward providing these wells. Learn more about ways to donate.

Have some questions about our work? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and if it’s not covered here, please contact us and we’re always glad to engage.

Wondering what this kind of work looks like up close and personal? Check out our Videos and Pictures for more on the process, people, and the hope that gets created through clean and accessible water.