Our Mission
Hope2Others’ Mission is to offer a tangible demonstration of God’s love through education and the implementation of proper water, sanitation and hygiene systems throughout the world.  
Why Hope2Others International
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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why Hope 2 Others International and not some other organization?
A. Actually, we just want people to get involved. Therefore, we’re happy if you work with any organization that serves others. We personally work with several large water organizations. Living Water International and Lifewater are two of them. These are both awesome organizations! One of our strengths is we are a small organization that is very flexible. Therefore, if you have a heart to help a certain area of the world where other organizations are not currently involved, we often have the ability to help this desire come true. If, however, we know of an organization that is already working in an area, we will be the first to let you know. We want to be good stewards with all God has given us!

Q. How will my money be used?
A. We use 100% of externally donated funds to directly help others. This may mean the drilling of well, the repairing of a pump, the installation of a latrine or some form of hygiene training. It could be used for funding in-country workers to do the same.  It will not be used to cover any of our travel expenses or for the administrative costs of operating Hope 2 Others. These costs are covered by our own donations.

Q. Who do you serve?
A. We serve those in need of clean water without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.  All of our focus and energy is on providing hope by bringing fresh water to people in need; our vision and practice are as simple as that.

Q. How much do I need to give?
A. If you feel led to support H2O financially, be assured any amount you give will make a difference and 100% of what you give will go directly to support water solutions where needed.

Q. How can I actually help?
A. There are several ways you can help bring clean water, proper hygiene and sanitation systems to those in need. Getting involved may mean giving, networking , going or just sharing with others about the worldwide water crisis. If you have other ideas on how to get involved, we would love to hear about them also!

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